A poem by Matthew Knight, 1998

Never give up,
No matter who tells you it's okay.
You must keep pressing on.
Never be content to stay.

Push! Push! And dig down deep within.
Try your hardest, and even if you fall
You know that you've done more
than most;
You've given it your all.

All of the effort, which sometimes
 seems for nothing
Those hard days you've been struggling to understand
Don't do it for anyone at all
but yourself
Finish the fight, do your best,
Be absolutely all that you can.

When you receive discouragement
Or trials to your faith,
The future seems uncertain.
And all life seems a waste

Just try to keep on believing
Keep on pressing on
For in the end
You're only accountable to one:



The Foundation Purpose

The Matthew A. Knight Foundation, Inc. awards funds to individual(s) who are quietly making the world a better place. Applications are taken in two areas:
   Making A Difference Award
  College Scholarships   

Funds Are Awarded For:

Humanitarian/Social Services
Educational Scholarships
Religious Projects
Community Projects
Other Charitable Activities

Make A Difference

Welcome to the Matthew Austin Knight Foundation website.  Who was he and why are we keeping his dreams alive?  He was born September 1, 1982, and died in an automobile accident on December 28, 2001.  What can you say about someone who lived only 19 years, 3 months and 27 days?  In Matthew's case, quite a lot.

Matthew was a bright, goal-oriented young man, wise beyond his years. In a 2001 letter, he said "I have a lot of passion. I know I'm not the smartest built, but I have something others don't - enthusiasm, fresh ideas and desire."  Matthew was a generous giver, alert to the needs of others. At his memorial service held in his home church, his best friend spoke of his wonderful personality and described him as a person who made you feel good.  He liked pushing himself to go farther and soar higher.  Matthew had courage, and wasn't afraid to show his feelings. He loved the Lord. 

Matthew said that in his life he really only wanted two things:
    To love as he had been loved
    To make a difference with his life


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